Book Cover

Book Cover

Gut feel? Intuition? I just had a feeling that…..

Statements we all have made personally and professionally, but where is this coming from?

This journal shows that by having fun with only a few of the secret keys, you can unlock messages that have been trying to get your attention. Hunches are waiting to be revealed to you.

This Journal is a personal gift that will guide each person to:
– Have fun with getting to know your dreams
– Teach proven ways to improve dream recall
– Start trusting gut feelings successfully
– Teach you how to reveal the hidden messages in a dream
– Demonstrate how you can create a personal DreamCode

Juliet Breuer is a born intuitive. She is a successful business owner for 17 years. Karen Love works in the business arena and presently is having fun with her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. She is certified by an accredited university in Dream Interpretation.

Coauthors Juliet and Karen look forward to hearing of your adventures. Juliet and Karen have taught groups and individuals in speaking events and online courses.

This is a “come as you are party”. By picking up only a few of these keys you will be on the road to revealing the mysteries inside. Inside of the book? No, inside of you!

We are honored to be part of this adventure and look forward to hearing about the fun you are bringing to your business and personal life.

Dreamwork is a personal gift to yourself and a reminder that you are not alone on this adventure.