Got Dreams?

Got Dreams?

Everyone has them.

Not everyone talks about them.

After all, people will think you are crazy, right?

Crazy like a fox!  You can’t play with something you have forgotten.

You can’t find the hidden meaning in something left undone.

We all have that feeling that there is something more to a dream than what appears at the surface.  This is not Woo Woo.  This is science.

The first key to unlocking the secrets of your dreams is to journal the dream.

Seems obvious, right?

If it is that obvious, then why doesn’t everyone do it?  Robert Moss, famous dreamer and historical author, advises that the dream journal may be the most important book you ever write.

DreamPlay and DreamPlay Journal is a place where we honor your unique DreamStyle.

Not everyone wants to go into the dark corner of the attic.  You be You.  Go if you must or just hang back.  Sometimes we dream a full story that is larger than life.  Sometimes it might just be a few words or a feeling.  You can choose how deep you want to go.

That is the beauty of this.  Your Dream – Your DreamStyle.

Dream Interpretation can only really be determined by You the Dreamer.  We at DreamPlay want to simply reveal some keys for you to use on your journey.   DreamPlay is a gift you give to yourself and others.  You decide:  fading memory – or documented dream.  There is no right or wrong.

Now what?  Journal.  You can’t do dreamwork if you don’t journal the dream.